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A Day of Peace on the River

The International Day of Peace is held every year on September 21st, with the purpose of providing” …

Dr. Jane Goodall & Tom Mangelsen hold the Peace Dove aloft!

an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace.”   As a project for her Roots & Shoots program–which engages and inspires thousands of young people from countries around the world–Dr. Jane Goodall, the renowned primatologist and humanitarian, conceived the idea of flying Giant Peace Dove Puppets on/near International Peace Day as a demonstration of and commitment to peace.

Back in 2004, wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen asked if we would carry a Giant Peace Dove Puppet on one of our rafts as a way of celebrating this special day.  We were thrilled to honor Tom’s request!  What better place to contemplate this dream of peace on earth, than in the heart of the wild scenery of Grand Teton National Park? During the course of the float trip, Tom used his cell phone to call Dr. Jane Goodall,  and actually reached her! He described the Peace Dove which was flying above our raft down the Snake River, and she was elated.  And the following year, she decided to join us on the raft, helping to carry the Dove herself!

As it turned out, the International Day of Peace in 2005 was cold and grey with intermittent rain showers.  The majestic peaks of the Tetons were barely visible.  But Dr. Jane, displaying her indomitable spirit, buoyed everyone else’s determination to continue with our purpose.  So our small floatilla of rafts ventured out.  No grand audiences lined up for our peace dove display; our biggest crowds were the occasional eagles, elk, and moose with whom we share this beautiful landscape.  What a truly special day it was, with our white Peace Dove soaring amidst the grey clouds, along with our spirits, thanks to Dr. Jane.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of this global observance.  And now, more than ever, we all should gather and show our commitment to peace for ALL – people, animals, and the environment.   Let us keep the dream alive – wherever we may be, September 21st.


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Established in 1963, Barker-Ewing Float Trips has been sharing the beauty and wonder of Grand Teton National Park with visitors from around the world for over 40 years, floating beneath the Grand Tetons on the headwaters of the Snake River.



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Our Legend of the Snake…Dick Barker

This Friday afternoon, the Snake River Fund will be bringing the 5th annual “Legends of the Snake” float trip to Grand Teton National Park.  Our owner and founder, Dick Barker, will be a part of this float, as will co-founder Frank Ewing.  This provides me with a great opportunity to give a brief (hopefully) history of Barker-Ewing Float Trips.

Dick Barker at the oars again! May, 2010

Although technically not a Jackson Hole Native, Dick has spent every summer of his life (since he was a yearling) here in Moose, WY.  There were a couple of winters thrown in here and there, and by 1955 Moose had become his permanent residence.  He first floated on the Snake River in 1946 with his step-father, who was a fishing guide.  In 1956, he became a fishing guide himself working for Bob Carmichael after having purchased his first boat… an Air Force survival raft from a military surplus store in Ogden, UT.

While he was working behind the counter at Carmichael’s Tackle Shop, in between guiding fishermen down the river, he would have the occasional “odd request”,  some people would ask if they could hire him to take them down the river… WITHOUT a fishing pole (“Do we HAVE to fish?”)!  Although he initially thought those poor people were crazy, the requests continued to come in.  By the winter of 1962, he became one of the “crazy” people (if you can’t beat them… join them!), and the following spring he started up his own scenic float trips.

Dick Barker’s Snake River Float Trips were the first scenic trips to launch at Deadman’s Bar and float to Moose, a trip which he pioneered.  Adults were $7.50 and children $5.00!  That same season, Frank Ewing (who had been a river guide on the pontoon rafts operated by the Grand Teton Lodge Company) saw the merits of having his own company, and started taking his military surplus raft from Pacific Creek to Moose for small individual parties.  They became friendly competitors, and whenever one was booked up, he would refer passengers to the other.

In 1967, Dick and Frank went in together and purchased a third raft, (and trailer and Land Rover), and Barker-Ewing was born!  They hired Verne Huser (former Lodge Company boatman, seasonal Park Ranger… and former roommate of Frank’s!) as the first B-E guide (although for a short time Dick and Frank both continued to run their own trips… so Verne WAS Barker-Ewing initially)!  Barker-Ewing grew rapidly and  in 1972 started running whitewater trips in the Snake River Canyon south of Jackson.    The whitewater portion of the company was run out of the Ewing’s home up Cache Creek Canyon in Jackson, while the scenic floats continued to be run out of Dick’s childhood home in Moose.

Although the partners decided to split up during the winter of 1984/85, they both continue to run their portion of the river under the Barker-Ewing name.  Frank is mostly retired now, with his daughter Heather at the helm, but Dick still runs operations here in Moose (although no longer at the oars!).  He is one of the Legends of the Snake… and he is also my father.  I am so very proud of him!!

Leith Barker

Barker-Ewing’s Girl Friday


Established in 1963, Barker-Ewing Float Trips has been sharing the beauty and wonder of Grand Teton National Park with visitors from around the world for over 40 years, floating beneath the Grand Tetons on the headwaters of the Snake River.



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