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New early float!

Now that summer is in full swing, we have decided to add a special early morning float two days a week. We will be offering a 6:30 am trip on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now through August 22nd.


This is for those of you who are early risers, as this is a lovely time to be on the water. Also for those of you who (like me) don’t like the summer heat, this is the coolest time of the day to be on the river.  I hope there are a few of you hardy early risers who want to enjoy the peaceful quiet of the early morning float.




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Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Dick Barker at the oars with son Eric behind him.

My father, Dick Barker, died early in the morning on Monday, July 23rd.  He was truly one of the “Legends of the Snake”; he was the man who pioneered the 10 mile Deadman’s Bar to Moose float trip 50 years ago.  He started Barker-Ewing Float Trips with then partner Frank Ewing.  Even though he had long ago stopped guiding commercial floats down the river himself, he had still been able to take the oars in August of 2011 (at age 74) during the annual Snake River Funds “Legends” trip.  He was a true Master of the oars, and even pioneered a new channel during high water 2 years ago.  He had a talent for reading water like no-one else I have ever seen.  He will be greatly missed.

When he was away from the river, my father was also a folk singer, balladeer, and guitarist who co-founded the local Hootenanny with Bill Briggs in 1993.  As it happened, the evening that he passed was the annual Hootenenany at the Center for the Arts.  The Hootenanny Board was able to turn that evening’s performance into a fitting tribute for their “fallen” friend.  My brother, Eric Barker, took to the stage that evening… showing more courage and strength than I can imagine.  He sang one verse solo and then led the other performers into a group chorus of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”.

And that is the theme of this year for us at Barker-Ewing Float Trips.  It is true that we lost our beloved owner, leader and father.  But our family and crew are going to carry on the traditions that Dick started these many years ago.  We are unbroken.

The very first boatman hired by Barker-Ewing was Verne Huser.  He used to joke that he was the hyphen in the Barker-Ewing.  This year, our newest guide on the river here in the park is Verne’s son, Paul.  Paul has floated many different rivers over the years, and worked for the Ewing’s commercially on the whitewater section of the river.  It is so fitting that he was the last guide that Dad ever hired, and with this 50th year, the circle indeed is unbroken.    ~Leith Barker

Dick Barker
March 16, 1937 – July 23, 2012


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